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Chris Endfinger, MD highlights incredible work of Compassion International

Emergency room doctor and missionary Chris Endfinger, MD provides a closer look at the work of Compassion International’s holistic child development sponsorship program.   Christ-centered, child-focused, and church-based, respected emergency room doctor and missionary Chris Endfinger, MD is a proud supporter of holistic child development sponsorship program Compassion International. Here, the highly skilled physician, now […]

Chris Endfinger, MD Outlines Crossbridge Church of Christ’s Message and Core Values

CrossBridge Church of Christ member Chris Endfinger, MD explains the church’s core values, its message, and what it means to be a part of the religious organization’s family. A skilled emergency room doctor from Birmingham, Alabama, Chris Endfinger, MD is also a dedicated member of the city’s popular CrossBridge Church of Christ. Attending the church weekly with […]

Chris Endfinger, MD Explains Saltwater Aquarium Basics

Emergency room physician and aquarium hobbyist Chris Endfinger, MD explains the basics of saltwater aquarium maintenance. A highly experienced emergency room doctor from Birmingham, Alabama, family man Chris Endfinger, MD is also a keen saltwater aquarium enthusiast, in addition to enjoying reading, working out, and attending church. In charge of his family’s large saltwater fish […]

Chris Endfinger, MD Offers Insight Into CrossBridge Church of Christ

Emergency room physician and CrossBridge Church member Chris Endfinger, MD shares a closer look at his local church. From a dedicated greeting ministry to so-called ‘LifeWalk’ groups and adult education opportunities, CrossBridge Church of Christ might just be the home for you. That’s according to Chris Endfinger, MD, a highly respected emergency room physician and CrossBridge […]

Chris Endfinger, MD Completes Fourth-Time Medical Board Recertification

Alabama physician Chris Endfinger, MD completes his fourth-time medical board recertification in family medicine. A respected emergency room physician from Birmingham, Alabama, Chris Endfinger, MD has once again successfully completed and received his medical board recertification in family medicine. Marking Dr. Endfinger’s fourth time passing the boards, the emergency room doctor is now all-set to continue practicing […]